What we do

What we do


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We are specialists in certifying your WhatsApp number and we also integrate channels such as: Facebook Messenger, Webchat, Instagram, etc. We have Artificial Intelligence (Microsoft) to respond your customers immediately.

Conversation Analytics

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Understand your clients in real time! Our AI is capable of understanding single words and complete sentences for a correct analysis of the chat conversation and a subsequent classification according to the subject.

SMS Sendings

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Our SMS communication platform allows you to send messages such as:

Traditional SMS, SMS Link, SMS Doc, Click to WhatsApp SMS

Speech Analytics

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Listen to the voice of your customers! With our conversion software you will be able to transcribe to text 100% of the calls received by human operators/agents. With excellent precision, you will be able to identify both the voice of the customer and the human agent who served them, quickly identifying opportunities for improvement, cross-selling and avoiding service cancellations.


Successful cases: Financiera Efectiva

Our client has been working since 2018 with our Official WhatsApp Chatbot, with which he can validate any user and grant automatic credits in less than 5 minutes, without the invervention of a human agent. With this modern project, Financiera Efectiva has managed to place more than 30 million soles in personal loans and has become the first company in Peru to implement a technological solution of this type.

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